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nomazii is the canadian-based post-classical duo comprised of dru stanley and annit sirk. nomazii’s sound lies at the intersection of ambient, modern classical, and experimental music.

sound manipulation, processing and field recordings are inspirational aspects, and integral compositional elements featured in their work. dru mostly contributes piano - often loosely sketched pieces or improvisations. annit supplies the more textural colours of the music, with use of electronic and acoustic instrumentation – strings, bowed guitar, synth, voice, field recordings, and sound design.

the duo experiments with various approaches to arrive at a sound that integrates melodic content with darker undertones.


dru stanley and annit sirk are self-taught musicians, who have been collaborating and cultivating their sound since 2014. the name “nomazii” is a romanian term meaning “nomads”, which underscores their approach of drawing on a multitude of artistic styles and mediums to meld together their audio-visual works.

dru stanley is from the island of newfoundland. he began writing and recording music at the age of 13, and continued to engage in home recording and writing music with friends in various projects over the years. annit sirk grew up in romania, and despite some early involvement in music, did not wade deep into music making until later in life.

​around 2013/2014, the two underwent shifting artistic and musical interests away from their musical beginnings, to a sound that was more instrumental and experimental in nature.

the duo wrote and recorded their debut album, beauty of unkempt places, in 2018; the album was released september 2019.